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Connect Groups

Multi-aged, inclusive groups all over the Adelaide Hills

Connect is the vibrant small group network within C3 Church Adelaide Hills. It consists of two parts:

‘Connect Together’ – Everyone in the church is allocated to a connect group so that friendship, support and life can be shared together. This journey involves growing and maturing as a Christian and being equipped to go into all the world sharing the good news about God’s love. Connect – Connecting people we know with us in friendship and connecting them with God.

There is a ‘Connect’ opportunity every fortnight.

Connect Together meetings are held in people’s homes every 4 weeks. Time is given to study the Bible, review and discuss recent sermon content and pray for each other – growing and maturing as Christians, caring for each other.

‘Connect’ meetings are held on the ‘in between’ fortnight so that there is a connect event every 2 weeks. These meetings can occur anywhere; cafes, sports club, gym etc to name a few and are about people connecting around common interests and doing life together. The nature of Connect Out is to enable connection with people who may not belong to our church or do not have a personal relationship with God. Demonstrating we are normal people who are doing life with faith in God.

We have groups to suit everyone – contact the office if you would like more information.